FFXIV 2.1 Release on December 17, Called ‘A Realm Awoken’

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More details on FFXIV 2.1 were revealed today from a Letter from the Producer Live event. FFXIV 2.1 will be released on December 17 and the patch will be called “A Realm Awoken.”

In addition, Yoshida and his team answered a large collection of questions regarding the patch and changes we’ll see incoming. View details on this morning’s Letter from the Producer Live below along with a new video the team released titled Eorzea Collection 2013 AW.

The Crystal Tower

First and foremost, the team revealed details on the new 24-man Crystal Tower instance, which will require iLvl 55 gear to do. Though the dungeon will be taken on with three full groups, each group of eight will have their own set of loot after each boss fight. Speaking of the loot in the Crystal Tower, they will be iLvl 80 which will serve as a bridge between Darklight and Allagan / Tomestones of Mythology gear. Unfortunately for FFXIV 2.1, players will not be able to form alliances, so a 24-man pre-made group won’t be able to step into Crystal Tower together. Instead, players can only join with a party of eight. The 24-man group however will be able to communicate either through party chat or alliance chat, which will cover all 24 people in the raid. Unlike the Binding Coil of Bahamut instance, the Crystal Tower will not be saving progress but players must complete previous phases in order to join new phases that will be added in future patches. As of FFXIV 2.1, the Crystal Tower will be rewarding both Tomestones of Philosophy and Tomestones of Mythology, but Square Enix plans on introducing additional types of Tomestones in the future.

Beauty Salon

More details on the Beauty Salon were also revealed, with it costing 2,000 gil each time you want to change your hairstyle. There won’t be a limitation to how many times the Beauty Salon can be used and players will also be able to change their hair color, eyebrows, face paint, face paint color, facial hair, facial features and tattoos. The team also shared that they are working on adjusting skin color and eye color so that they have racial aspects. Additional options to the Beauty Salon will be added in future patches, though each patch will focus on a specific race. However, players will also be able to choose hairstyles from other races.

Good King Moogle Mog XII

FFXIV 2.1 will see the return of the Good King Moogle Mog XII fight, which will be on par with the Garuda hard mode fight, or maybe a little bit more difficult. An extreme mode will be added in patch 2.2, teased the team. As for a normal mode version of the fight, there are currently no plans to add one. And those hoping to get a Moogle minion from the fight will be disappointed to hear that there will be a different way of getting that reward. So for now, it will not be rewarded from Good King Moogle Mog XII. Comestic-type Moogle equipment will also not be added in FFXIV 2.1, but will be coming in the future. Lastly, the weapons that the Good King Moogle Mog XII drops will be iLvl 80.

Allagan Gear Changes

While it was subtly mentioned, the item level of Allagan gear will be changed from iLvl 90 to iLvl 95. It’s unknown if the actual stats of the gear will be changing.

Duty Finder Kick Feature

FFXIV 2.1 will finally add a duty finder kick feature, which will be a vote kick-style system and there will be limitations when using it.

Duty Roulette

Duty Roulette will be a new feature being added to FFXIV 2.1 that will allow players to queue up for a random duty finder dungeon everyday for additional rewards. The system will initially be implemented for solo queuing only, though the team plans on allowing group queuing in the future. And don’t worry if you’re stuck with a bad group and want to leave, you won’t lose the bonus for the day as it will only record credit when you receive the rewards.

Pharos Sirius

A new four-man dungeon will be added in FFXIV 2.1 called Pharos Sirius. It will reward iLvl 60 gear and will be part of the Isles of Umbra storyline. And while the team didn’t reveal full details, they did state that Pharos Sirius will have a boss that’s iconic to the Final Fantasy series, much like Tonberries in Wanderer’s Palace and the Demon Wall in Amdapor Keep.

Hard-Mode Dungeons

Two hard-mode dungeons will be introduced in FFXIV 2.1: Haukke Manor and Copperbell Mines. Changes to those dungeons include atmospheric changes, partial route changes, boss changes and mechanic changes. There will be a storyline tied to those hard-mode dungeons, giving players a reason to visit them even if they’re fully geared. There will also be rewards that can only be obtained from those hard-mode dungeons, but they will be iLvl 60. In addition, Tomestones will be rewarded for completing those hard-mode dungeons along with certain housing-related items that can only be obtained from them.

Extreme Primal Fights

Those that haven’t had enough of Ifrit, Garuda and Titan will be excited to see the addition of Extreme Primal Fights in FFXIV 2.1. The item level requirement for those fights will be around iLvl 70 and will basically be the next step of the main story after completing Titan Hard Mode. Each job will be able to get an iLvl 90 weapon from the Extreme Primal Fights, potentially being a replacement to the Relic Weapon. Players will also be able to complete them using the Duty Finder.

Eorzea Collection 2013 AW Video

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